Update 7 Nike shoes 2021

Believe that many people would be a follower of Nike shoes because it is considered a famous brand. Top hit brands of the shoe brand ever And most importantly, each model of his shoes are produced with great care. Today we’re going to take everyone to see 7 shoes from nike of the year 2021

Must be called a shoe brand that many people people know each other well Today, Akeru would like to introduce 20 models of shoes that have both the best-selling models and the latest releases of the year 2021 for you.

1. Air Jordan 1 Low 

Let’s open with the latest version!! special edition for women That comes with striking colors that are eye-catching, pleasing to the young fashionistas who are pretty cool. By this model, the brand said that They use premium materials to do it. Most importantly, it’s lightweight and can absorb shock very well. Wear it as a chic sneaker for a walk and chill.

2. Nike Air Max Verona SE

This model is the Air Max that the brand has just recently imported into Thailand. It is a shoe designed especially for women. With the addition of animal skins and metallic colors. The upper part of the shoe gives a unique beauty. This model has 2 colors, white and black.

3. Nike Cosmic Unity “Space Hippie”

Basketball Shoes Blue-Grey Made from environmentally friendly materials Because he took the waste material to be recycled to produce this model of shoes. Most importantly, it’s also lightweight and comfortable. Wearing sports is very work. There are 2 colors to choose from: blue-gray and blue-turquoise.

4. Nike Air Force 1/1 Unlocked By You

This version made me cry really wow. Because he is a model that we can design by ourselves. which color to choose What color logo do you use? You can choose up to the level of whether to take the collar high or low. The leather style of the shoe can be chosen whether it is leather, suede or ripstop fabric.

5. Nike Air Max 90 Premium By You

Another version of the Air Max team that wearers can design our own shoes. And the special thing is that this model uses fabric that has a special textured version. There is also a unique brand logo hanging on this model. Put it on and it looks cool as a pile.

6. Jordan MA2

Here comes another Jordan model with striking colors that will break the rules of sneaker looks. to look like a more fun and cheerful girl Comes with super soft insoles, comfortable to wear, very pleasing.

7. Nike Air Max Viva

The Nike Air Max Viva is another model for women. Because the brand pays attention to the details of various materials. that are used to produce a lot And there is also a new lacing system that uses 2 separate shoelaces to support heavy use as well. Running, jogging, hiking, whatever.