Psychology”, fashion, beauty “color-style”

The story of “fashion” is not just the dress code today, the Thai Rath lifestyle. Will bring everyone to know the story of “Personality style” and “color are very important matters. Because in the present day We have reached an age where we can know that What are we suitable for? And what’s right? Often, “like” and “yes” are always controversial, even if the word “fashion” isn’t right or wrong.

Think about it for fun, look at 1 beautiful dress, but why do 2 women wear them differently? It doesn’t look pretty either. Some people might wear it out and it doesn’t look good at all. Have you ever wondered? Come today, we will take everyone to find answers from “Sunyata Prasertkul” or “Coach Aom”, a fashion and style guru. Identity and Personality Analysis Specialist Told us that. what influences dressing And dressing affects personality And that personality style It affects success and positive energy. We will call it “Fashion psychology” so that everyone can understand the same.

Coach Aom began to tell us the story. By focusing in detail in the two main topics, style” and “color” that influence the beauty, fashion and direct image of women.

Image = success

Actually, the fashion, style and color dress. Everything reflects a “woman” in the way that we are. So to say that What are we suitable for? What style makes us look good And resulting in enhancing the personality of women It is very important and very necessary in the current era. Really, we can see that The important woman of the world Or at the national level, all have to go through the process of finding themselves, with “image” having a direct influence on the success of that person. Make each woman You should know yourself Or find yourself

The best version

Personality Style Analysis is to find oneself for fashion, dress and personality. “Finding the best version of yourself” is actually more than style, personality, fashion and dressing. Because it is the whole picture of a woman We have a duty to find the best that is with them. Be it shape Which part of the body shape is best What kind of style is suitable? Which color tone is the best? When wearing it, he will gain confidence in himself.

Women are not perfect

Every woman is not perfect anyway. No one is perfect in everything before we analyze him. We will tell you about how to think first, whether you are fat, thin, beautiful or not beautiful. Actually, it has nothing to do with “way of thinking”. For example, we have big legs, big hips. But we don’t focus there at all. If we do not focus Others will not focus. This is the way of thinking for women. We have to think like this first.

People have “Yin-Yang”

In every human being Every woman will have a “Yin and Yang” Everyone must have two sides for “Yang”, that is “male”, “Yin” represents “woman”. Some people like to say they have two personalities, it is possible. And it’s not uncommon Sometimes people ask Some days I want to dress comfortably. Some days I want to dress sexy. It happened because We all have our own yin and yangs.

Find yourself

Some women can’t dress up. But want to socialize Or someone starts a business and wants to have a good image and trustworthy, we need to analyze and find what is suitable for them. Many of us have already found themselves for him. They let us arrange a wardrobe for it. Some people take it to go shopping, it is why Because everyone does not know how good they are So I have no confidence When we help them find themselves , positive energy and confidence will follow. And the identity of him It will become a motivator for him to succeed in what he does. 

The perfect woman

We think everyone has the best inside. Just not everyone knows We therefore act just as people to tell him that Hey … you have this. You have a good shape at this point. Here is the best for you to believe in your figure. Plus the use of the right color, then this color scheme is right for you. Meanwhile, this is the person you most so you shall wear it with confidence. Whoops! Because actually everyone has style, every style is precious. Just find a ufabet style that is right for yourself . That is, if it is us We will be the perfect woman.

Self-reflection style

Personality Style It’s the self inside We are going to find what we like. What we are All it will be connected to the dress. But first, we have to find the style that we are. For example, we like the classic style. Classic, it can be dressed up as a street too. But as a street classic, a classic, that is, you can wear anything that is black and white. It may be an exact T-shirt. A bit of cutting With torn jeans But what kind of excellent cutting And one earring is enough. This is an example

It’s not us

When you can find yourself Fashion will follow. We will have to choose the right fashion. When you wear it, it will be perfect, but there are many people trying to be that style. But can’t take it Why do we see him wear and then put on It is not like him. That’s because it’s not us. But it must come from within