Including “4 keyboard cases for iPads”

Keyboard cases, iPads. Nowadays, in addition to smartphones, it has become an essential device. Tablets are becoming equally important. Because it can be utilized in a variety of ways Either for work or for entertainment Like looking Listening to music or playing games The tablet is popular, it is inevitable that IPad.

     But besides we have an IPad, the accessories must be there as well. For example, a keyboard for iPads that many people cannot live without, there are many keyboards of iPads Both cover and case in the case Or separately and then connect by bluetooth Which today we will introduce 4 keyboards that help you type more conveniently. But at the same time, it is durable and inexpensive as well.

4 iPad keyboard cases

1. Hali Bluetooth Keyboard For Ipad

 The first we’d like to recommend is the Hali, a light but durable iPad keyboard. This body is light and only 1mm thick, making it easy for users to carry and do not feel tired and cumbersome. Can be used separately with the device. The keyboard keys are designed to be welded into one piece. You don’t need a lot of effort to type, just a light tap will work. It is also waterproof as well (price 570 baht).


Keyboards for iPads from GOOJODOQ can meet a variety of our usability needs. Because in addition to being able to detach from the cassette It also has a pen holder. Which in the cas’s side is still durable It can help protect our iPads as well. (Price 800 baht)

3. BRYDGE Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard For Ipad

     For this iPad keyboard, I must say that it is very worthwhile. Because in addition to being a keyboard that can be removed Similar to Apple’s iPad, this model is made of durable aluminum and can be adjusted in a variety of ways, including a notebook. And can also be a stand (price 990 baht)

4. IVSO Keyboard Case

The keyboard for iPads from IVSO comes with a protective case to protect our iPads. Using PU leather material, elegant design Suitable for carrying around and working comfortably. It can be removed. It can also be connected to Bluetooth up to 10 meters away, plus the case itself can also be adjusted to the iPad set as well (price 1,027 baht)