How to measure shoes size easily With size chart for US UK EU JPN shoes

Will buy a pair of shoes Before knowing what size to wear, it was a headache. This problem will go away. Because today we have Easy way to measure shoe size With the shoe size comparison table Come to help everyone! For those who still do not know what to wear Sei Si shoes. Today we have a way to measure, as well as good advice to leave each other. There is also a size chart. That will help everyone choose the correct and easy shoe size of each brand. Okay, don’t wait, let’s measure your own shoe size!

How to measure shoe size

     For anyone who wants to know how long our feet are To select the correct shoe size The measurement method is very easy. The equipment that must be prepared for measuring shoe size is

  • Blank paper
  • Pencil or pen
  • Ruler or tape measure

     When finished preparing the equipment Let’s start making measurements following this step.

1. Put your foot on the paper
2. Draw a pen or pencil. Lines on paper Occupies the longest fingertips And the tip of the heel.
3. Use a ruler or tape measure. Measure the length between the two lines.

     Once the foot length has been measured. We will already know how many centimeters our feet are. After this, it is to use the length of our feet to compare the size according to the shoe size chart.

Shoe size chart

     Because the shoes of each country, each brand will use different shoe sizes. Some brands will use US, UK or EU shoe sizes, so we have to take our foot size in centimeters. Compared in the shoe size table To see what size our feet are equal to By starting to look at the JPN or CM channels, both of which are in centimeters. By seeing that our feet are the closest to the length of the channel And then continue to compare that What size do my feet match with the US, UK or EU sizes?

  • US is American Linear Measure, it is a measure of shoe sizing used in the United States The smallest shoe size starts at 3 inches.
  • UK is English Linear Measure, the longest used shoe size measurement in the UK. With shoe sizes starting at 4 inches
  • The EU is European Sizing, it is a shoe sizing commonly used in France. Usually EU sizing is available in leading European brands except England.
  • JPN is Japanese Linear Measure, it is a popular shoe size measurement in Japan. The unit of measurement will be in centimeters. Making it as easy to measure as possible
  • KO  is Korea Linear Measure, it is a measure of shoe sizing that is commonly used in Korea. It uses the unit of measurement in millimeters. Therefore, it is usually three numbers without a decimal point.
  • CM is the unit of measurement in centimeters. If measuring your foot in centimeters Can also view the foot length from the CM channel as well
  • INC  is the unit of measurement in inches. If you measure your feet in inches You can also view the foot length from the INC channel as well.

Hint for choosing shoe size

  • Should measure both feet and for the front feet wide. Recommend to add one size.
  • For shoes that need to wear socks or wear inserts. Recommend to add one size.