“Eat healthy” during long holidays

Eat healthy, during the long holidays there are many social activities. May cause many people to eat more than usual. If you are not conscious, you will gain weight. Which greatly affects health

Travel, tourism, or socializing can have a type or type of food. Those that are not familiar can affect the digestive system, causing digestive problems. Excretion
In people whose digestive system is sensitive It can make fun or get sick. People with digestive problems may also bring some essential drugs when traveling, such as digestion pills, laxatives, gastric coating

Alcoholic beverages

Many people are unfamiliar with drinking. Alcoholic beverages. Which are high in calories and some are mix or produced from many kinds of raw materials People with food sensitivities or food allergies
should be aware of beverages that they have never drunk before. Many people are allergic to malt or yeast without knowing it. Which will have abnormal symptoms such as allergic reactions, hives or malfunctions of the digestive system When drinking alcoholic beverages The kind that he had never drank before


Eating sweets, flour and fat from a party. Causing us to have a lack of nutrients that are beneficial from fruits and vegetables
Because eating a lot of starch or carb
Causing the body to use useful vitamins in the process of destroying the waste products from
Those starchy and fatty foods may consider taking vitamin supplements.
During the time we need to eat more starchy and fatty foods than usual.
Including Vitamin Min that helps reduce free radicals such as Vitamin C

Healthy people may fast the next day. After having a party
The need to eat a higher amount of food than usual,
the dieting, drinking only fluids or eating only fresh fruit juice, vegetables,
will help the body get enzymes and give the body a rest to eliminate residual waste.
From eating on the previous day

Many people when drinking alcohol. At various parties Lightheadedness or
hangover the following day, recommendations, or the next day, drink mineral water. In combination with Vitamin C
, you may drink lemon juice or eat Vitamin C 2000 mg with vitamin B
to help the nervous system recover.