9 items for daily use Let’s change Save our world

We are born on Earth, living on the planet with dependence on nature in them. But when we humans begin to mix nature with the materials used today By our daily life, it is necessary to use it. This event, you will know that living a normal life can destroy the world as well. So how does this work work? The enormous impact is that natural recuperation has caused various disasters that have killed our friends, such as floods, forest fires, rising global temperatures, etc. Therefore, we have come to reduce global warming. Save the world Not a super hero to save the world But are just ordinary people who save the world Let’s get started with How to reduce global warming, ”recommends 10 items for daily use. Let’s change Can save our world “

1. Reduce the use of plastic bagsAnd plastic waste

In our daily life, we will often shoppers to buy products. What we get back is that plastic bags, which do not naturally degrade quickly, are causing our planet to become hot or destroyed. Many countries stop using plastic bags and use them. Cloth bag or paper bag instead Friends may have seen the campaign to stop using plastic bags. And there is a policy to stimulate ready to use cloth bags soon As for plastic waste, there is a development of plastics that are biodegradable, but only certain products are used. I hope that in the near future we will see each other more.

2. Reduce the use of personal vehicles.

Now, of course, 1 family doesn’t have just one car, but there are many cars. In addition, the life of the city has many amenities. But the use of oil resources and polluting the air to create a greenhouse effect can also harm the world. We may turn to the BTS / MRT for speed, and possibly even more economical. It might be better to drive it on a business trip than to drive together in the city to commute to work. For travel not possible from home, we may walk or use a bicycle to travel instead.

3.Led lamp lamp instead of traditional lamp.

If we use light bulbs that are not energy efficient Switching to LED bulbs will reduce energy consumption by up to 50%. In addition, it also reduces the heat and greenhouse effect caused by incandescent bulbs. Fluorescent tubes as well.

4. Washer, tumble dry

When we do laundry, it should be washed a lot at a time to reduce energy consumption. Because washing it little by little will cause the loss of energy, will definitely affect the general public Save, save the world, be the best. In addition, when there is a bright sun, we should not tumble dry, put the clothes to dry in the sun, they will dry quickly

5. Water the plants

For anyone opening a tap Then watering the plants, there will be nothing But for anyone who uses a water pump or sprinkler to help water the plants Should use sunlight as well Because he uses solar cells and a timer for watering the plants. Electricity is not needed anymore, it can save the world energy one more way.

6. Flushing

In addition to usage behavior It should be great to buy a toilet that conserves water in each press. The new generation of sanitary ware that comes out with new innovations as well as the concept of saving water resources is also introduced. As a result, many products we can see that they are recycled and designed, produced under the concept of saving the earth to be seen often.

7. Hair dryer, hair straightener

Many women may use a hair dryer and straighten their hair every day. But we don’t have to do it every day, because these devices waste energy and generate heat that directly pollutes the world. Therefore, I do not tell you to stop using it. But using less is very good because I use it often and I can lose it, I will tell you.

8. Book paper

Before we can print it, we have to look at it on the computer. Yes, we are going to convey what to use and print. But anything that doesn’t need to be printed can be read on that computer. Nowadays, having a phone, it’s easy to read on the phone. If you want to buy a book, then there is an E-Book, so you can reduce the resource of trees that come to make paper.

9. Refrigerators, TV, air conditioners Electrical appliances

If we talk about the power consumption and the need to use it in our daily life, this would be inevitable. But if we have the opportunity to choose a refrigerator that is suitable for use, saving fiber 5, along with using the refrigerator correctly, how to maintain the ice, if it is thick, it should melt because it contains CFC that directly affects global warming In addition, air conditioners, too, may turn to some fans for ventilation. As well as other electrical appliances If we do not take care of it seriously, it will be a major reason for harming our planet with our own hands. So please help each other.

It’s over for everyday use, if we can change it, the world is safer. Besides, we have to focus on making the most of electrical equipment. The device must also save energy. And more importantly, it depends mainly on our usage behavior in which direction to use. If your friends work together, you don’t have to let anyone know. Let us know with our hearts that we have saved the world just like Superheroes who hide themselves do not hope to tell anyone that they do. That’s it. It’s called the best, right?