7 Easy ways to “check real or fake perfume”

A bottle of perfume is not cheap, many girls have a dream perfume. It is the bottle that we want to use because it smells like it. Wanting to get a bottle, then try to save money to buy it. But returned a fake. Which in addition to the free money is also a waste of feelings. The more fragrances that are commonly sold in the market as well. The more likely it is to come across a fake. If you don’t want to lose your knowledge We also need a way to check the perfume a little bit. Whether the bottles that we have received are real or fake.

     Many famous perfumes are being disguised. Because it is a perfume that is popular If we do not have a technique to check, we will lose you. So today we have a way to check if the new perfume that we have received is genuine or fake, which girls can follow us. Follow this step.

7 ways to check

1.Check the sealed plastic

     The first step is to check the plastic that is sealed in the box. Let us look at the nature of the plastic that has to be fairly thick, no wrinkles, including no signs of removing the seams Including the point where the plastic seal must not have adhesive stains

2. Check the paper of the box.

     Perfume box papers should be of good quality, wrinkle-free papers, as they are designed to protect perfume bottles. This makes it necessary to use high quality and strong paper.

3. Labels and letters

     Brand name printing The name of the fragrance, size, and details. There must be sharpness, not fuzzy. Letters, whether printed in deep or embossed, must be even. When rubbed with your fingers, you must not feel stumbling.

4. Check Numbers (Serial Number)

     Year code Serial Number or code Should be consistent with both the box and the bottle area. Which if there is no or then does not match Just think before that it is probably a fake.

5. Bottle

     The bottles of real perfumes are made from high quality materials, neatly sealed at the bottom or on the sides of the bottle. No scratch

6. Color and scent of perfume

     The color of the perfume is another story that can tell whether the perfume we have is real or fake. With real that when sprayed on the skin does not leave stains Counterfeit perfumes are more likely to leave stains on skin and clothing. Including the scent of the perfume that must not be distorted from the original

7. Air bubbles in the tube

     New fragrances that I buy still have air bubbles in the spray tube. This is the reason why when I spray the perfume from the bottle I just bought it has to be pressed several times for the perfume to release.