5 Techniques How to Apply Perfume?

How to apply perfume? Body scent is a matter of personality. Because the scent adds charm and confidence Which we will have a fragrant smell that is partly from the perfume itself. But perfume spraying for some people is a problem. Because the scent that came out did not endure at all Wearing perfume while leaving the house, we haven’t been able to get anywhere yet, and the smell is gone. So what can we do to make the scent more lasting? 

There are many techniques for applying perfume. Each of which allows us to have a truly fragrant fragrance But to keep the scent lasting and the scent spreads well. What more can we do? Which today we have 5 techniques for spraying long-lasting perfume to leave each other

5 techniques for apply perfume to last Fragrant for over a day

1. Choose the type of perfume

     I want the perfume to last. The first and most important part is the perfume itself. Some of the perfumes that smell won’t last But some of the fragrances have a very long-lasting scent that stays on throughout the day Therefore, choosing a perfume is the first step that will allow us to have a lasting fragrance on your body.

2. Prepare the skin

The skin preparation process also contributes to the long lasting perfume. By preparing the skin, it can be done in various ways. Both applying lotion Moisturizer Or even applying petroleum gel To help add moisture to the skin This allows our perfume to stay on the skin longer and the scent will spread better.

3. Injection at the pulse area

          Various parts In the body, it is what helps the perfume last and spread well. Especially around the pulse points Because these areas will have heat causing the scent to spread and spread. Which pulse points in the body, there are areas behind the ears, wrists, legs But besides these pulse points, we can also use perfume on the abdomen, near the diaphragm, collarbone and the crook of the arm.

4. Additional injections during the day

If done all 3 methods, the scent of the perfume is still intolerant. Carrying perfume to spray more during the day will also help. 

5.There are many perfumes

There are many bottles of perfume, how to make the scent last. I need to explain it like this. Sometimes, if we have only one perfume, spraying it repeatedly every day, it may make us accustomed to that particular perfume bottle. May feel that the smell disappears quickly The smell does not last long as before. The presence of many different perfumes. Allows us to switch in the perfume to be unique Making us not used to the same smell