5 mask For sensitive skin, helps reduce acne

Wearing a hygienic mask for a long time. If you have acne, you have to change to use it. Hygienic mask to reduce acne for sensitive skin ! Having said that, many people may not believe it. will have a mask That can really help reduce acne or not. Let me tell you that there is! It is a mask that is suitable for people with acne. and extremely sensitive skin too! Which today we have compiled a mask that helps reduce acne. Let all sensitive skin girls come and use them. Have to wear a mask for a long time like this You must have one at home!

KENKOU Face Mask

for this brand of masks He said it was designed and made especially for people with sensitive skin! The masks have been tested and confirmed to be free of allergens and skin irritations. definitely not allergic The mask is lightweight, breathable and can be worn all day without irritation. It also filters more than 99% of bacteria and viruses and can filter out small dust like PM2.5!

3M™ Nexcare Ultra-soft Fog-Free Mask for Sensitive Skin

For the 3M brand, they also have masks for sensitive skin as well. This mask is quite breathable. does not accumulate hot steam therefore does not cause sweat which can cause skin irritation The lining is skin-friendly. Which he passed the 3M American Toxicology assessment that it is not harmful to the skin. The strap is soft and comfortable to wear for a long time without hurting the ears at all.

Unicharm Premium Soft

When it comes to sanitary masks that have many models and designs to choose from, it has to be Unicharm! Recently, they have a premium version that is suitable for people with sensitive skin. By this model, the touch surface is smooth. Silk Touch filter provides a delicate touch. Helps reduce friction between the skin Does not cause skin irritation make me feel more comfortable In addition, the ear strap is very thin and soft. As for the protection, they have 3 layers together. Excellent protection against viruses and pollen. 

Dr.PONG™ NanoZinc Fiber Mask

Let’s come to some cloth masks. For this brand, they are a mask to reduce acne. Made from nano-zinc fibers Nano-Zinc inhibits 99.9% of acne-causing bacteria and inhibits S. aureus, K. pneumoniae, and fungi, which cause disease and bad odor. Plus, this mask provides 25% more UV protection than regular fabrics, and can be washed and reused up to 150 times!

Smooth E​ Antibactrial NanoZinc Acne​ Mask

Who said Smooth E only has skin care for sensitive skin? Hygienic masks for sensitive skin are also available! This sanitary mask is a cloth type. which has innovation of Nano Zinc Oxide that helps inhibit the growth of viruses, fungi, bacteria and dust mites, as well as inhibiting bacteria. That is the cause of acne up to 99.99%! The fabric can also protect the skin from UV rays. Both UVA (UV-A) and UVB (UV-B). He also has a coating called DWR (Durable Water Repellency), which will act to cause water to coagulate. and flows out of the fabric It doesn’t break down and easily penetrates into the fabric!