5 Lifestyles of “new generation”

Lifestyles or ‘style of living’ is an art of man. When the business environment, technology and social trend change New lifestyle Will follow The true meaning of the word ‘lifestyle’ is that you choose to adjust to the present while experiencing a precious life.

Today we have 5 lifestyles of the ‘new era’ that are changing from the previous generation. Plus helping to create good values For you as well What will there be … must go and see!

1 . To the popularity of health foods (foods clean), lifestyles

When the trend of loving health enters Healthy food or clean food is no longer a diet for people on a diet or diet. It turns out to be a staple food for modern people who want to live a valuable and safe life with various additives. Too much Many people view clean food as bland and not tasty. On social media, secret recipes are shared. A lot in making clean food to be delicious Plus having complete nutritional value as well

2 . Turn shopping online, lifestyles

But before, we may like to shop and buy things. According to the mall According to the supermarket Or even a flea market But as the world spins forward With an environment where people are more crowded Therefore having to waste time and money on traveling more as well Therefore, online products are one option that meets the needs of modern people. Help reduce many problems, which nowadays department stores, shops, supermarkets Have all turned to do online shopping Everything you need can be easily purchased from your smartphone, saving you time and money on opportunities. Quite a lot.

3 . Grouped together to work like a hobby, lifestyles

In the age of social media linking social networks together. People who like to do similar things will gather together to do various activities together, whether it is a running lover. Touring group Cycling lovers A group of photography lovers Or even a group interested in dharma Having a hobby that we enjoy together allows us to make the most of our time, so if you like to do whatever Try to find a group that is interested in things that are similar to you, maybe you might have other unexpected talents.

4 . To live fully every moment ( Work, the Play the Hard the Hard).

The old age was a time of hard work. After taking a break, I don’t want to go anywhere. But this generation is different. Because whether going to work or rest. These people are always full of what they do. When it comes to vacations, you will notice that people today turn to activities that are more self-worth. Even with a short break, even when traveling to various places That have never been seen Or even go out to learn new things Many that have never tried

5 . Do not need a big house. Can comfortably stay in the center of the city

In the past, everyone dreamed of having a beautiful house. There is a beautiful lawn Located in the heart of the city But now This high price of land Makes dreams of having a home in a big city that many people are difficult to get into Therefore, the leisure of modern people is no longer focused on having a home in the city center. 

Let’s just have an accommodation like a good condo that can meet all their needs. The location is in the heart of the city. Tangible price Able to travel anywhere, convenient and fast And has some green space to rest and relax This is enough, Life Asoke – Rama 9 , a new condo that will be launched in early November. That meet all the needs of the new generation as well