5 “Essential skills to work Develop” yourself

You want to improve yourself But still don’t know how to develop yourself. You want to be a good and efficient worker. Outstanding ability Be watched Be appreciated Promoted Or raised salary But don’t know where to develop, let’s look at the skills needed to work That will help increase your ability to stand out even more. And increase your job opportunities even further

Language skills Develop

Today, no one can deny the importance of “language” because language is what we have to use every day. Especially in that work Language is a very important skill to enhance your career. Both the Thai language that must be used correctly, appropriately, the second language, English, should be practiced and developed constantly. To open up more international career opportunities Including the third, fourth, fifth, etc. languages ​​that interest you or need.

In other words, the more you know the language, the wider your horizons and the greater your career prospects.

Communication skills Develop

Even if you are good in language skills If you do not know how to use it properly Language skills will not be used to the full potential.

Communication skills are also important skills. Because in the working society We have to be in communication all the time. People with the art of communication Would have an advantage over others, including listening, speaking, reading and writing, especially speaking, inviting, persuading, advertising, public relations, explaining, announcing , public speaking, etc.

Technological skills

In an age where the internet and smart phones It’s almost a part of our lives. Technological skills are essential. And it is like a basic skill that should be in hand, such as communicating via the Internet. Such as emailing, chatting, posting online articles or commenting through social media, etc.

Some computer programs It is like a mandatory program that everyone should use. Or at least it works. At the basic level, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, and basic programs that meet their own line of work, such as Photoshop, Illustration, Lightroom, etc.

If you have these skills It will add more value and capabilities to you as well.

Planning and management skills

Planning before you start working Is important Because if you can plan thoroughly, thoroughly and with great management When it comes time to take action The results will be effective. And as required

Good planning and management skills Including leadership skills It’s a skill that everyone should have. Especially those who have to work with other people Must act as a supervisor, a supervisor, a manager, overseeing and managing the organization’s image. This skill will allow you to develop yourself and grow in your career. There are better job opportunities.

Emotion management skills

In the work that is faced with stress, pressure, must meet with many people. Emotional management skills will keep you more mindful at work. Able to cope with work problems and obstacles Including being able to cope with colleagues, bosses, Ufabet bosses, customers

When you are unable to avoid experiencing stress and the people that make us feel uncomfortable. Therefore, we must have the ability to cope with these situations and people in a strong, sane and intelligent manner.