“Poor sleep quality”, insomnia Risk of various diseases

Sleep is essential to life. Because it allows the brain and body to rest Repair damaged cells Knowing. Both the benefits of sleeping, but this generation still can’t hold their eyes to sleep. Both due to personal behavior and health problems

How to sleep well And what if you have a bad sleep? Let’s find the answer.

Ajarn Sathit Indrakamhang, the original guru of Cheewajit Explain the benefits of sleep and the negative effects of poor sleep.

“The right thing is Deep sleep. Wake up to be energetic, refreshed, clear brain and sleep like this. Sleep for 5 – 6 hours or at most 8 hours is plenty. This is necessary to sleep soundly to give the brain a chance to rest. And can drain the toxin from the brain

“And the most important thing. The body is fully rest Having a deep and deep sleep We got the magic potion as a bonus. Which is secrete by the pituitary gland in the brain That magic potion is ‘Growth Hormone’.

“Growth of this hormone It naturally comes out all the time since the day you deliver from the womb. This vital hormone will help you grow your youth. After full maturity (approximately 18 – 20 years), growth hormone will begin to shed less. By that time your body will be fully develop. Not much taller than that

“Some people, if they behave abnormally during their growing up, such as eating wrong, sleeping wrong, never exercising. And always have stress During that time, growth hormones will not be released at all.

“These people will look too old, get old quickly, get sick easily, and be physically weak. They are only 30-40 years old, but they will look as old as 40-60 years old. Growth hormone is not balance. Does not shed at all. Because normally, even though the age is about 40-50 years, hormones will be secreted some.

“If we look back on the sleep cycle. It will be a simple formula that sleep is wrong, growth hormone, not premature aging, easy illness, short life.

Even in the 2019 lifestyle, most people tend to stay up late. Sleepless Which affects the life clock in the body Which the body will automatically recognize. What time is waking up Whenever is bedtime, the body can distinguish from darkness and light.

“Therefore, those who stay late Sleepless Making the life clock different from normal. It tends to be addicts to stay up late. Mostly found in teenagers. Who are addicted to online game boards. Stuck watching series As for working people. They are addict to continuous work. Do not let go and do not share time Or too much social addiction

“If you have sleep disorders for a long time. Falls into chronic insomnia Also known as ‘Insomnia’ (Insomnia) has insomnia, although the body is very sleepy and tired. Feeling tired But unable to sleep even though it’s time to sleep. Which is a severe condition and is very suffering

“Including poor sleep quality still causes the landscape of life to fall Lead to illnesses with various diseases. Whether allergies Recurrent sinus, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, etc. “

Can’t sleep

Mr. Sathit suggested that the subject of insomnia for a long time may need to be resolve. And find the cause before such as 1. Illness 2. Stress 3. Daily life imbalance

If sick, need to find a solution to the cause of the disease. When you are stressed, you need to find a way to relax. Which will cause your body to contract and strain yourself. As for everyday life that is unbalanced, it must be adjusted to achieve a balance.

Come to the cure for insomnia in the first place, there is a method:

CHEEWAJIT REMEDIES, practice Relaxation, relieve stress, relieve stress, the

Solution must solve the stress of the body first. If stress for a long time, try to observe the parts of the body. When I touch the neck, my back aches and the shoulder aches.

The solution to the contraction

The solution to the contraction is recommended to practice Relaxation and practice meditation. Count one, two, three and so on, or use the method of prayer as you have learned meditation. Pray until meditation occurs. Then command yourself to sleep and wake up consciously.

Drink enzyme water + eat homeopathic food

Constipation regularly affects overall health and sleep. It is recommend to eat vegetables that are high in fiber. Such as morning glory, kale, broccoli, and drink enzyme juices such as carrot juice and celery every day. Will cause bloating, difficulty sleeping.