If you want to exercise, but how to start?

Want to exercise But how to start?

“No time, doctor,” is the classic answer when I ask patients about exercise. it is known to affect overall health and reduce the risk of developing a wide range of respiratory diseases. Circulatory system To psychiatric disorders So I took this opportunity to inspire us to start exercising for good together.

From the guidelines of the World Health Organization Emphasize any form of physical movement. And physical exercise And physical movement in various daily activities Whether it is doing housework, traveling, and other hobbies. It will exert a size that makes breathing fast. And the heart is pounding hard Continue for at least 10 minutes, think of a total of 150 minutes per week or 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week itself.

For the beginner I think at the beginning we have to adjust our perspective first. Many people view exercise as a “distant thing” and “free to do”, but I happen to know that you are not easily available, right? Today I want you to try to follow me if you think exercise is “Things to do” like taking a shower. And brushing teeth that have to be done every day

So, even if you are busy What must be done, it must be done. And did you know that exercising 30 minutes a day accounts for only 1 in 48 parts of the total time in a day, equivalent to sitting, answering lines, playing Facebook or watching dramas? Therefore, exercising doesn’t waste time as you think. Which is cooler than that You can collect a total of 10-15 minutes of physical activity throughout the week. That really leads me to believe that you “have time” for sure.

“What do we exercises for?” 

There are a hundred reasons you can imagine. The most obvious result is Having a good figure and personality More refreshing and confident Finally, it will continue to improve your life. It’s a domino in every respect. Obesity is one of the things that need to be discussed here From studies around the world, it has confirmed that Obesity is linked to many diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer, and exercise is both a direct way to prevent and treat it. In addition, exercise improves physical fitness. 

And slow down aging as well. Clearly, exercise is an investment for your own life. The most cost-effective.  Please throw all excuses away. Make some time for exercise. Then strictly follow my own plan At first I understood it would be a little overwhelming, but when you start and continue for at least 3-4 weeks with a diet. And get enough rest The body will adjust to acclimatize. That day, you will enjoy exercising. And saw that it was a part of life, that day a new life began Active life Far from disease. read up to this point You’re ready to start it at the same time. With me or not?