How to drink “coconut water”, the most benefit

Nourish your skin with vitamins help freshen Is the general benefit of ” coconut water “ that we are familiar with Of course, this natural drink There are many excellent properties. But recently Has happened to be interesting on the social world Of the husband-wife Which refers to another benefit of coconut water Related to the story “Sexual performance”

And as soon as coconut water is pull into the topic of the most interest of people, The news that follow was that the coconuts were selling hot cakes. And it also causes many people to doubt, not least, that the problem is actually it. It has properties to help increase male power. Is it really fit to be fit for every battle? And how to drink to get the most Not harmful to the body?

Coconut water is beneficial in enhancing sexual performance.

MD. Panu Valley Buddhacharoen expert anti-aging and restoring the health of the pain and strengthening (Fix & Fit) Hospital, Rama stated that the results of the study on coconut water involves adding dysfunction. The closest it would be the results of a study in “guinea pigs”

That were study by letting the little ones eat it Consecutively for one month. And the result show the lab rats had higher levels of various hormones. Including testosterone And has a higher mating efficiency as well. It may be possible that the results of this experiment can also occur in humans.

But before hurrying to hoard the coconut water. We must first understand that the results of this study are experiments using unprocessed young coconut water. And conduct an experiment by Rats were fed 50-100 CC per kilogram of body weight per day. If they were humans, compare to drinking 3-5 liters of coconut water per day.

Coconut water and drinking precautions

Drinking coconut water 3-5 liters a day to help enhance sexual performance. It may not sound like a big deal compared to getting testosterone. But do not forget that in coconut water Both have high sugar content And it also has a very high potassium value as well. Which the drinking amount of it for common people Ie should not be more than two children per day or about 500 CC that means If we try to drink it every day like a rat. Equals we must drink at least 6 times the recommended amount.

In addition, there is nothing to guarantee that sexual performance will increase as well. But what we will surely get Is the blood sugar and potassium That will surely rise until it is dangerous to the body

Dr. Panuwat said, “Coconut water contains many nutrients such as sugar, free amino acids, trophic factor that stimulate cell repair. And also contains mineral salts Useful to help nourish the body and help people who are sick or injured. Can recover faster “

How to drink “coconut water” to get the most benefit

Usually if the body will benefit the full Drink coconut water on an empty stomach, drink it in the evening, or drink it before bedtime. It helps trophic factor and amino acids to nourish the body cells during sleep. And also helps you sleep better But because coconut water has a lot of sugar and potassium Therefore, the elderly, diabetics , cardiovascular disease should be careful to drink well.

Other fruit Useful to enhance sexual performance like coconut.

Fruits high in vitamin C , such as oranges, lemons, kiwis, mulberries, or berries. It improves the quality of sperm, the avocado is high in B vitamins. And contains folic acid That helps maintain hormone levels for watermelon contains citrulline. Help increase arginine Which makes the blood vessels expand better And has an effect on the erection of the penis also contains pomegranate substances that help blood flow better. Affect the sex organs as well