5 “Anti Aging” Slow Down Live Longer

“Anti Aging” Everyone does not want to get old. I want to be fit and look young forever. Even after getting older. But what to do Don’t worry! Today, everyone will be healthy and aging more slowly because we have 5 ways to slow down aging from the book ‘The science of eating How to eat to be beautiful, youthful and in good shape? For anyone who wants to slow down, you must follow this!

1. Anti-aging tip: reduce infection inflammation

When the body is exposed to germs or substances that cause irritation The body will have inflammation and infection. Which is a reaction of the immune system Therefore, we need to avoid the body’s inflammation, infection that results in faster aging, aging, risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease or other health problems. By not eating foods that contain irritants Like sugar But turn to eating good fats that are beneficial for the body instead Including having enough rest And avoid being in an environment that would be a stimulant such as Exposure to the sun or smoking, etc.

2. Anti-aging secret: detox your body

Detoxing your body or removing toxins from your body is a similar idea to reducing inflammation mentioned above. Which if we are able to get rid of toxins from the body Will cause the body to become in balance We can use the detox method of the body by eating foods that have detoxifying properties. Or another way is to exercise itself.

3. Anti-aging Secret: Change your lifestyle.

Some of our lifestyles can affect our bodily systems and our aging process. The risky behavior and we should avoid it is smoking and eating unhealthy food. Binge Lack of exercise, stress and lack of rest Which if we can modify these behaviors, it will be able to help slow down the aging process.

4. Anti-aging Secret: Antioxidants

Free radicals are responsible for the faster deterioration of body cells Aging faster And disease more easily Therefore, we need to fight free radicals in order for our bodies to function normally and slow down aging. By the substances that help fight free radicals such as selenium, vitamin A, C E, glutathione and alpha lipoic acid, etc., which these substances can help protect cells from damage by free radicals. However, the use of supplements containing these substances must first consult a medical professional.

5. Anti-aging secret: use hormones to help

An expert commented that The use of hormones to supplement with age. It can help slow down aging and improve your health. The hormones that help our body function normally during the aging process such as Estrogen, Progesterone, DHEA, Thyroxine and Growth Hormone. I like it from a specialist doctor first. Because these hormones can lead to other health problems as well.