“Warm up Before exercise” How important?

Warm up Before exercise. Exercise is good for your health. It is a basic issue that many of us already know. But many people may not yet know the importance of Warm up Before exercise And choose to ignore this step. Today Hello, the doctor will bring you interesting facts about warming up. So that everyone gets to know the importance of Warm up.

What is a warm up?

Warm up Or warm up (Warm up) refers to activities that are done gently in a slow rhythm may range from stretching the muscles. Staying still, or even cycling slowly, will help the blood flow to the different muscles in the body, causing the body to rise in temperature. And improves the flexibility of various parts of the body, including muscles, tendons, and the movement of the body to be in optimal condition And ready for various forms of movement in exercise

Many people tend to skip the warm-up step and start exercising. Because I think that is not important or wasted time, but in fact, if we do not warm Well before exercise It can lead to problems such as injury to the muscles due to a muscle tear, etc.

The benefits of warming up

Warming up before exercise In addition to helping prepare the body. Before you exercise each time There are still many health benefits, whether

Increase the flexibility of the muscles Warming up Will allow us to move and stretch And warm our muscles ready Allowing us to exercise more effectively.

Prevent injury If we start exercising without warming up Stretch It may cause muscle surges And have a chance to tear Cause injury

Increased blood flow Warming up at least 10 minutes before exercise. Will stimulate the blood to flow better And bring oxygen to nourish various organs in the body, making your body ready for exercise.

Relieve muscle pain Warming up It can help make your muscles more flexible and relaxed. Makes it able to help relieve fatigue. And even better muscle pain.

A warm-up posture that you can easily do

You can easily warm up with the following gestures.

  • Stationary

Leg up and down position alternately As if we were running in place Keep trotting for about 3 minutes.

  • Hammering heels

Stand straight, arms straight out in front of you. Keep parallel to the ground Then one foot came forward. Raise your toes so your heels are close to the floor. The other leg is slightly bent. Then keep the leg back and switch the other foot over and repeat for 60 seconds.

  • Kneeling

Stand straight, lift one knee until it is parallel to the floor. And use the other hand to touch the knee, as if raising the left knee Use your right hand to touch the knee. Then switch to the other knee Repeat the process for about 30 seconds.

  • Side Lunge

Starting from standing up straight Spread legs slightly apart And clasp both hands in the middle of the chest, slowly swaying to the left By straightening the right leg Hold for a moment And then comes back to the starting position Before switching to the other way Do alternately and so on, about 8-15 times.