The ultimate way to “burn fat”, fit and firm

The ultimate way to burn fat. When eating a lot of fatty foods Those fat will accumulate in various parts of the body, be it the abdomen, thighs, upper arms, or other parts of the body. Can accumulate in the body But still need to control food intake To be appropriate as well. Today Hello Doctor has an interesting tip to burn fat to leave each other.

Principles of fat burning

To lose weight in a good and effective way. Must start from knowing your body first Just know the simple principles of burning fat. It can help make it easier to lose weight. Our body gets energy from fat. Carbohydrates and proteins Which the body will extract these nutrients for energy But it depends on the activities that we do. Of course, most people need exercise to burn fat. The better the fat burning, the more effective weight loss will be. But not all exercise will burn fat.

In principle, during exercise Our body is mainly burning fats and carbohydrates. And may lose some protein But only a little Which the lost protein will lead to muscle repair Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, all three of these vary according to the activity performed.

In high-intensity exercise (HIIT), such as sprinting, your body will burn carbohydrates first. Because carbohydrates are metabolized faster than fat When exercising hard The body loses a lot of energy. Therefore it is necessary to use energy quickly. Carbohydrates that are metabolized faster Therefore burned to use as energy first By exercising slowly and continuously, the body will burn more fat. When you exercise slowly, your body starts by burning carbohydrates. When the carbohydrates in the body are depleted The body will begin to burn fat. In addition to exercise Diet control Controlling calories you eat will also help you lose weight more efficiently.

Ways to help your body burn fat

Exercises, muscle training (Training, Strength The ).

Strength training exercises It is a type of exercise that has to contract your muscles to create resistance. Build muscle to increase strength Research has shown that this form of exercise can help with strength training and reduce body fat. Other studies have shown that Strength training for 12 weeks along with aerobic exercise. It helps to lose body fat and belly fat more effective than aerobic exercise alone.

Eat foods that are high in protein.

Eating foods that are high in protein Contribute to reducing fat accumulation in the abdomen. In addition, eating foods rich in protein can help you feel full faster. Reduce the amount of calories you eat. It also helps to strengthen the muscles that are often lost during exercise.

Get enough rest to burn fat.

Adequate rest helps burn fat better. Studies have shown that getting enough sleep helps the body to burn fat better. In addition, another study has shown that Good sleep and adequate sleep increase your chances of losing weight more successfully.

Choose healthy fats

Although many people view eating fat as unhealthy, actually choosing foods rich in fats, such as avocado, olive oil, and nuts, can contribute to the fat-burning effect. Get better However, eating good fats is still high in calories. Therefore, choose the right amount of good fats

Drink healthy drinks

Drinks are another important factor in burning fat. Lose weight ever. If you want a good metabolism Choose a drink with a low sugar content. Or, choose a drink that uses natural sweeteners instead of sugar. And you should choose to consume non-calorie beverages like water or green tea, which are more beneficial for your health

Eat foods rich in fiber

Fiber is a nutrient that helps absorb water as well. In addition to eating fiber can help you feel full for longer, reduce hunger, and make your body eat less foods that are rich in fiber, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, these are foods that are high in fiber. Which can stimulate fat burning and lose weight

There are many options available that contribute to the burning of body fat. Both diet and exercise patterns But if you want better fat burning You will need to adjust and change your lifestyle. Choose the right exercise and eat healthy. Just as this will help the body burn fat and have a healthier life.