How to Choose Your First “Surfskate”

Surfskate, Skateboarding is, in fact, very popular in our country for a long time. But the hot hit that can’t be pulled at all. Must be Surfskate minutes only!! Hear it from the mouths of those who have already tried it. He said that if you choose a good board and play until you are fluent, you will feel like you are actually surfing. Who hasn’t been to the beach lately? (Importantly, I don’t want to be out of trend) Let’s go get a board to surfskate quickly. Who can’t play, leave our gang!

Tips for choosing a board like choosing the right one for newbies!
First and foremost, choose according to your height and weight. We have put it below. Scroll down and have a look! This is important For newbies, you should start with a board that really suits you, after which you get used to playing the board. No matter the size of the board, we can play it.

Then let’s check a little more. What checklist is there for us to choose the right surfskate? Suitable for newbies like us.

  1. Deck
    Skateboard Most importantly, choose a comfortable place to stand. Easy to balance on the board and control, so before buying, try to stand up and see that. Are you standing already? Touching our toes will tell immediately! As for Deck, if you go a little deeper according to the type of skateboard. can be further divided into 3 types
  • Street / Technical

This one is suitable for pros who have a lot of moves, whether it’s Flip, Grind, Rail, Grap. Playing in this way, you should choose a sheet that is 8 inches wide or less because it’s easy to move.

  • Transition

section for newbies It is advisable to use pads of 8 inches or more for easy balance and control. Now, whether playing on a semicircular curved ramp or playing in the pool, it’s all right!

  • All around

It’s a mix of the first two. Only 8-inch plates should be chosen because they are good for both posture and balance control.

  1. Truck (wheel base)
    Trucks are equally important. In addition to having to choose to be strong The size must be appropriate for the board. If the axis is too wide, it responds slowly. But if the core is too small, it can easily lose balance. The shortcut formula recommends choosing 3 trucks that are easy to do, which are…
  • Large core : suitable for transition play
  • Medium Core : Suitable for playing all around
  • Small Axis : Suitable for Street / Technical play.

3. Wheel

Medium size wheels (54mm – 56mm) are suitable for rough terrain.

Large wheels (56mm – 60mm, 97a – 100a) suitable for transition play.

Noted : If anyone wants to play Cruise Around, I recommend you to choose the big one. And must not be too hard too. If playing on a smooth road, use the size (60mm,90a) is good, sis.

  1. Bearing
    Bearing actually has 6 grades, abec1- abec3- abec5- abec7- abec9- abec11, but if a newbie like us choose a moderate level, abec3 – abec5 is enough. because if used at a high level The price will be very expensive. Recommended as a middle one because even after playing for a while, we will get used to it anyway.
  2. Griptape (non-slip mat)
    Many people may not know that Griptape is in addition to saving our feet from slipping off the board. He also added some sarcasm to control the board to meet the finishing moves we wanted. You can also choose the color you like. But secretly whisper to the girls that Black Griptape is more effective than other colors. I recommend you guys.
  3. Hardware
    It may not seem important but it’s actually just as important as the other parts because these bolts will help hold the Truck and Deck firmly. When wearing it, make sure to check which color is the Nose side. /Tail, especially if anyone wants to add Riser, must not forget to buy Hardware that is long enough to hold with water.
  4. Riser (Truck rubber)
    Thin rubber sheet that makes the Truck and Deck more tight. Helps prevent strong impact of the wheels while turning as well. Suggest that newbies should put it better. อ่านต่อได้ที่