Exercise “reduce thighs, buttocks, hips”

Exercise schedule to reduce thighs, buttocks, hips. In addition to the belly that girls Often worried about not wanting to have excess fat Another part of the body that the girls Give a lot of attention Is the part of the thigh Hips and buttocks. Because thighs and hips are the areas where fat is easily accumulated. It is difficult to remove fat after having accumulated fat, so many women are very careful not to have too much fat in this area. Which way to help control our lower body is not having too much fat. One option is to exercise regularly or to exercise selection accordingly. Exercise schedule to reduce thighs, buttocks, hips, sure enough.

Like today we have Exercise schedule to reduce thighs, buttocks, hips that will help girls. You don’t have to worry about fat deposits in the lower body. Just exercise according to the chart below. It will help women have thighs, buttocks and hips that are firm and firm anyway.

day 1

(20 times – 2 sets)

day 2

(15 times – 2 sets)

day 3

(Do 1 minute consecutively without counting the number of reps, rest 10 seconds and do another 2 sets)

day 4

day 5

(25 times – 2 sets)

day 6

(18 times – 3 sets)

day 7

(15 times – 2 sets)

Exercise schedule to reduce thighs, buttocks, hips , this time we want girls to do all 7 exercises in each day. But if you are tired or have problems with your body weight or your knees, ankles, girls can choose to do some positions. So as not to hit the knees and ankles too much. I will be injured. However, try to get the amount that we set so that the body can burn the fat out to the fullest.