Challenge active women with “yoga”

Many people may have passed their ears through their eyes with the story of “Yoga”, more or less. And believe that many people give up Or just shut the door! Immediately put in the time someone invites you to practice yoga. “We can’t do it,” “Yoga is too late for us,” “Practicing yoga and you will fall asleep,” and many other things that make young ladies. Turn your back on yoga We too used to be one of them.

Try and get it right and choose the one that suits you

In an age when everyone wants to revolutionize themselves with a variety of exercise options. Running, going to the gym, cycling, boxing, swimming, and many more exercises that will answer you the most, “yoga” is always knocked out for women. Who do not like anything, slow motion or all the sour girls whose life is very extreme Still, trying to choose an exercise regimen that is appropriate for yourself is still a matter of focus.

Breath and overcoming yourself

Not everyone starts and gets to know the practice of yoga as beautifully as love at first sight, because when we meet the elderly who are subdued. That makes a teenager Young people like us feel embarrassed that they are unable to practice various asanas (yoga poses) according to the teacher in front of the room. This is almost half the reason many people say goodbye to yoga in the first place.

To practice good yoga, look at yourself on our own mat

That is the best practice of yoga. If you try to keep practicing for a long time Meet a good teacher We will find that practicing yoga is about being with yourself. On a Yoga Matt set the breath in – out. To be consistent first Set the breath in and out according to the asana while practicing. (Which is also divided into many breathing exercises) Many times we will find that the concentration and mindfulness of the breath. May make training more effective than physical strength Or training for a long time So beat yourself up. With breath control first.

When we are conscious, the rush disappears

As I said, yoga is not just a valid asana. Or only breathtaking, but the constant good of our breath, our body changes. A good practice of yoga is to balance the whole body for every asana practiced with a breath. The oxygen that enters the body during airflow improves blood and fluid circulation. Exhaled with carbon dioxide comes with the metabolism of waste from the form of sweat. Of the body can be used more efficiently Or have been used in a way that has never been used before That used to be tight, it was flexible Who used to stress was relaxed.

Who had given up and fought A by-product that people like to say: clear face, beautiful skin, good figure, not just a bragging tale Body changes are changed along with daily living that defines deep breath. It goes long and slows down unexpectedly. Once again, life slows down at least half a step. Who would have thought that people who act in a hurry Always stay Can slow down and increase consciousness In addition, many health changes for the better

Therefore, any girl who thinks yoga is boring. Who had given up in a short time If you read this article Maybe try to revisit. Because I believe that it is not a matter of slowness. And the benefits of yoga are worth it for us to take it seriously again.