8 defensive exercises “vein thrombosis”

Exercises vein thrombosis. Working From Home has resulted in daily activities that require sedentary work or long hours of work. This can lead to symptoms of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), including long flights or travel. and activities in which the body is not moving continuously. Therefore, moving the body It is therefore important. That it should not be ignored. Because it helps the blood to flow Reduce body aches

cause of the condition deep vein thrombosis

Dr. Wasupong Sridermma, a surgeon and physician specializing in vascular surgery vascular center Bangkok Hospital said that venous thrombosis (Deep Vein Thrombosis or DVT) or thrombosis in the veins. It is a condition in which the blood cannot flow normally. Caused by blood clots in the deep veins in the legs causing a lot of leg pain unilateral swollen leg Often in the calf area, hot in the leg, pressing pain along the clogged veins red skin or skin color changes on the legs It may be related to long flights or car rides, sitting still without moving your legs for more than 4-8 hours. 

The most dangerous is A blood clot may run up to the heart and clog a pulmonary artery. If the blood clot becomes very large, it can result in the inability of blood to supply to the lungs and eventually death.

8 defensive exercises “vein thrombosis”

The fitness and exercise is the prevention of venous thromboembolism and 8 best exercises far DVT is a position that can be easily done at home by yourself.  

Position 1: Rotate your ankles and 

lift both feet slightly off the floor. Rotate your ankles in a circular motion so your toes rotate together slowly, 10 times, then your ankles in a circular motion so your toes rotate slowly, 10 times. 

Step 2 on tiptoe

put both feet on the floor. Bounce your toes up with your heels on the floor, hold for 5 seconds, then slide your toes down and your toes touch the floor. Raise your heels. Hold for 5 seconds. Do the same 10 times. 

Step 3: Raise your knees

place both feet on the floor. Lift one knee slightly, hold for 5 seconds, then switch to lift the other knee, doing 10 reps on each side. 

Step 4: Rotate the neck,

tilt the neck to the left. Rotate your neck slowly counterclockwise 10 times, then slowly alternating clockwise rotation 10 more times. 

Step 5: Rotate the shoulders, 

rotate both shoulders forward 10 times, both shoulders backward 10 times. 

Step 6: Flick

hands, flick your hands and fingers on both sides for 10-20 seconds each. 

Position 7: Stretch your arms

bring your hands up, interlock your fingers, stretch your arms, open your palms to the front, hold for 5 seconds, stretch your arms, open your palms to the top, hold for 5 seconds. Repeat this 10 times. 

The 8th stance: Get up and walk

You shouldn’t stay in place for too long. You should find yourself moving, stretching, walking to get things, going to the bathroom or drinking water regularly. 

Deep vein thrombosis is something that should not be overlooked because it can be life threatening. If there is no proper prevention and treatment Therefore, you should move to various activities. and exercise regularly So far, the disease of the veins and health is strong.