5 Cactus species, make a beautiful home

Cactus is a favorite succulent plant. Even if it’s just a small tree But it is beautiful and can be used as an ornamental plant in the house, desk or can be used to decorate the room to look fresh as well. For anyone who wants to have a small corner Decorate your home using cactus but don’t know which one to choose? Today I will introduce 15 species of cactus that are super cute. new home makeover Easy to grow and some plants also give beautiful flowers. Let’s see which species are there.

1. Dolichothele Longimamma

For a cute cactus like Dolichothele Longimamma, the stem resembles a tiny banana. There were thorns stabbed out at the tip. Usually the flowers are yellow or white. Makes another name banana, if brought to the party must be placed in the sun frequently. Because this tree likes sunlight. But often do not like water. To decorate the balcony of the room, it looks cute as well.

2. Mammillaria Camenae Buddha

Mammillaria Camenae Buddha, also known as Buddha, is another interesting species. Because the beauty of the body makes many people fall in love. A plump tree with thorns is a fluffy bouquet of golden yellow. usually small white flowers Can be raised outdoors because it is a species that likes sunlight. don’t like water But if the water is reduced when the soil is dry It’s an interesting cactus that can be used to decorate your home.

3. Mammillaria Elongata  

If anyone wants to start raising cactus, recommend Mammillaria Elongata or mammoth gold finger because they are easy to find. It’s also patient. This tree has a slender green trunk like a finger. often sprouting small come out like to stay together as a clump There are yellow thorns with a red tip. usually white flowers It is a cactus that loves sunlight. Watering does not need much. Ensure that novices will be delighted

4. Mammillaria Plumosa

For those who do not like prickly cactus to prick their fingers, we recommend Mammillaria Plumosa, also known as White Feather, with a spherical shape. covered with white thorns All over the trunk made like a feather. Usually the flowers are white or light pink. love the sunshine and watered only when the soil dries out. Because this species is not very fond of moisture.

5. Echinocactus Grusoni  

Echinocactus Grusonii, also known as Golden Tang, is a fast growing and large cactus. The larger it will look like a spherical shape. It has long, sharp, yellow thorns covering the plant. The flowers are yellow. But if you want to see flowers, you must have a very large plant. This cactus loves sunlight and does not like water, watering once a week. Although it is a large cactus But it’s also beautiful and durable. Tell me that newbies should have it!