“14 Important things, carry them to the gym”

Health trends are on the rise. Anyone who wants to try going to the gym. Or went to apply for an annual service at some fitness facilities. But I don’t know how to start preparing things. We have gathered the necessary things. From many fitness trainers, he suggests let’s go see that is there anything necessary? I can’t live without it.

Well-fitting workout clothes

Young women who are new to fitness may not know yet. The correct exercise should choose clothes suitable for sports. Or that exercise, because not only will it make the movements more convenient. A set of tight-fitting workouts made specifically for exercising. It helps not to have friction between the fabric and our skin. Helps to support and tighten parts better Read through here and you probably want to go and find one, right?

Blue headphones

Waterproof headphones, of course, people must have music in their minds. Exercise alone would be boring. For those who do not have friends or want to exercise alone, this cannot be ignored. Because in addition to listening to music during exercise to be enjoyable and not boring. Also helps to exercise longer And if so, recommend a waterproof version of Bluetooth headphones as well. Because exercise includes sweat and moisture, the wood must have long wires that mess up when we move the body.

Backup set

Spare or extra clothes It could be an exercise set Or a change set to go home Because, of course, exercising must stink sweat Moist It’s not a good idea to bring home stinky wet clothes, and most gyms have showers after your workout. Will be able to change back home comfortably or have any business, you can go on.

Pants must have pockets

Good workout pants should have a small pocket in order to hold the keycard locker. Or locker keys Because if we are going to carry all the things that are brought along with exercise Would be inconvenient for both ourselves and those around us. Therefore, pants should have a small pocket to be very useful.

Shoes that fit your body

Choosing shoes is another very important thing. You need to choose shoes that match the activity you are going to play with. For example, if going for a track or long run, you should choose a shoe that matches your foot’s figure. Or let the seller suggest which model shoes are suitable for what activities Well, the sales person knows that. Or look at the model name of the shoe first Because the model name is usually written as the model for running, kicking football, or for hiking or hiking. If you are new to fitness, do not ignore it.

Smart watch

Smart watch Aside from telling the time. This type of watch also tells us the details that we should know for people who love their health, such as calories burned. Heart rate Different foot lift rates or even measure sleep health is how it can be. In this way, a newbie to a fitness with a budget should keep some of them. Will know how much we exercise What should I do in order to have more encouragement to exercise?

Prepare your bag to go to the gym

Beginners to enter fitness choose a good bag canvas or a thin cloth is very good. And important to have a lot of light weight because in addition to having to wear clothes that are wet and sweaty. Also need to wear our exercise shoes as well Including a cosmetic bag Casual clothes And a lot of other miscellaneous goods. Therefore, the weight of the bag must be light, otherwise it would be like carrying a stone to the gym.

A stylish water bottle

Try to find a stylish water bottle, this is very important for all fitness women. Because the water bottle will always be with us When going anywhere, it must be carried along with Because when you are tired or when you take a break, you can take a refreshing sip of water and resume exercise. So who wants to look good To look beautiful, you have to choose a beautiful water bottle to match with your workout clothes so that you can look chic and chic without being embarrassed by others. Or another idea is Choose an encouraging water bottle. There are screen words on the water bottle that encourage us. When drinking water will remind us another way.

Single cosmetic bag

Cosmetic bag and essentials It should be the only bag that can fit everything and finish in one bag. Because if several leaves are separated Of course, there must be lost and forgotten, for sure the important thing to take is Facial foam and portable skin care cream And should not be taken in and out, should be attached to a specific bag;

Small towel

A small towel is also very important when exercising at the gym. Should carry a couple of parcels One piece to wipe clean the exercise equipment other people have used. Or when we sweat a lot and go to sleep on the cushion, wipe it after use, it will be clean when other people continue to use. The other one is attached to wipe the sweat that is actually in the gym, now they have it. But if anyone is afraid of being unclean and do not want to share it with others, take it a little.

Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer To kill germs This one is quite necessary. For people who go to the gym Time to catch the iron Or dumbbells already used by others We do not know what pathogens it has. So bring a small carry-on, it’s good, otherwise be careful to get sick easily, I will find that I don’t warn.

Not fat snacks

Desserts are not fat, are there too? Haha, I can tell you that if you eat just right, you won’t get fat. Choose a product rich in grains and fiber. Helps to fill the stomach without being fat It’s good to put a hand in the fitness bag. Because when you are tired from work and there is no energy to go to the gym Eat this little bit of energy to exercise. Bern has a long way to go

Carry-on bag

Waist bag Or locked on your arm For bags like this are for people who do not have a pocket. And want to carry valuables with you when exercising The advantage is that it does not interfere with exercise. Can also bring a mobile phone to plug in with headphones And listen to music as well, exercise too It is considered to be another essential item that should be taken with you to the gym.