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8 defensive exercises "vein thrombosis"

8 defensive exercises “vein thrombosis”

Exercises vein thrombosis. Working From Home has resulted in daily activities that require sedentary work or long hours of work. This can lead to symptoms of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), including long flights or travel. and activities in which the body is not moving continuously. Therefore, moving the

5 Cactus species, make a beautiful home

5 Cactus species, make a beautiful home

Cactus is a favorite succulent plant. Even if it’s just a small tree But it is beautiful and can be used as an ornamental plant in the house, desk or can be used to decorate the room to look fresh as well. For anyone who wants to have

How to Choose Your First "Surfskate"

How to Choose Your First “Surfskate”

Surfskate, Skateboarding is, in fact, very popular in our country for a long time. But the hot hit that can’t be pulled at all. Must be Surfskate minutes only!! Hear it from the mouths of those who have already tried it. He said that if

5 Easy Cardio Moves You Can Do At Home: Burn Calories

5 Easy Cardio Moves You Can Do At Home: Burn Calories

During this long stay at home, don’t let yourself eat and sleep alone. Because of the weight you can ask for So, let’s exercise with these  cardio poses. that can be done at home. Does not require a lot of space. And does not waste equipment. Cardio poses are also link to increased

Challenge active women with "yoga"

Challenge active women with “yoga”

Many people may have passed their ears through their eyes with the story of “Yoga”, more or less. And believe that many people give up Or just shut the door! Immediately put in the time someone invites you to practice yoga. “We can’t do it,” “Yoga is too late

"Warm up Before exercise" How important?

“Warm up Before exercise” How important?

Warm up Before exercise. Exercise is good for your health. It is a basic issue that many of us already know. But many people may not yet know the importance of Warm up Before exercise And choose to ignore this step. Today Hello, the doctor will bring you interesting facts

Exercise "reduce thighs, buttocks, hips"

Exercise “reduce thighs, buttocks, hips”

Exercise schedule to reduce thighs, buttocks, hips. In addition to the belly that girls Often worried about not wanting to have excess fat Another part of the body that the girls Give a lot of attention Is the part of the thigh Hips and buttocks. Because thighs and hips are the

The ultimate way to "burn fat", fit and firm

The ultimate way to “burn fat”, fit and firm

The ultimate way to burn fat. When eating a lot of fatty foods Those fat will accumulate in various parts of the body, be it the abdomen, thighs, upper arms, or other parts of the body. Can accumulate in the body But still need to control food

How to exercise to be effective?

How to exercise to be effective?

To exercise, it may be because many people would question arises in mind. How many times a week should I exercise while exercising? How many minutes a day? There is no doubt about it any more. Because today we have the answer for you!  Because each exercise has a different intensity

10 "Benefits of Jumping Rope", losing weight

10 “Benefits of Jumping Rope”, losing weight

Jumping rope is more than useful than just helping you lose weight, you know. But jumping rope is an effective exercise to increase height. Plus many more benefits of jumping rope What can help with jumping rope? If you’ve tried to find the benefits of jumping rope before. You may